View of cemetery during sunny day with flag pole.
Cemetery grounds with pond in autumn.
Photo of divided gravel road with flagpole at cemetery.
Photo of a large niche in cemetery in winter.
Headstones sit among the changing leaves in autumn.
Black and white photo of trees in cemetery with gravel path.
Sunset at the cemetery with headstones in foreground.
Pretty snow sit on the cemetery grounds and on the headstones.
Original cemetery sign at sunset.
Snowy day at the cemetery.
Black and white photo of headstones under large pine and maple trees.
Headstones at dusk on a fall day.

Lancaster Rural Cemetery

Lancaster, New York

Historic Lancaster Rural Cemetery is an active, non-denominational and centrally located in the town of Lancaster, New York.  It is an active cemetery, and centrally located in the town of Lancaster, New York. 

Lancaster Rural Cemetery is part of the Forest Lawn Group of cemeteries, which includes Forest Lawn in Buffalo, St. Matthew’s Cemetery in West Seneca, Lakeside Cemetery in Hamburg and two cemeteries in the Village of Williamsville – Williamsville Cemetery and Gethsemane Cemetery.  

For information on how your can help keep this historic burial ground open and accessible, please call 716-885-1600.


The Board of Directors and staff of the Lancaster Rural Cemetery is dedicated dedicate themselves to maintaining beauty and solitude of our grounds to honor the dead and bring healing to the living and bereaved.  

In addition to recognizing the history of our cemetery, and the early settlers buried here, we also want to assure the living we respectfully carry forward custody for these lands, the final resting place for many loved ones.

 We will provide our services at affordable costs and assist our customers in the courteous and efficient manner due them, which we recognize is often during a time of personal loss and sorrow.  

 We pledge reverence and dignity in the cemetery’s daily operations, and as we endeavor to assure its future.

Cemetery Address

70 Cemetery Road

Lancaster, NY 14086


Mailing Address

Lancaster Rural Cemetery

1990 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14208


-Traditional Ground Burial

-Cremation Ground Burial

-Above Ground Cremation Niches

-Children of Love Memorial Garden

Future Development:

-Additional Ground Burial Sites & Cremation Niches

-Rememberence Memorial Brick Gardens

Memorial Gifts

Give a gift to the Lancaster Rural Cemetery to protect and preserve the beauty of this historic place! Your gift can be in loving memory of a friend or family member.  

Mail your payment to:

Lancaster Rural Cemetery

1990 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14208


The beautiful Lancaster Rural Cemetery, located at the northwest corner of Cemetery Road and Broadway, is the oldest cemetery in the Town of Lancaster.  It was formed from a plot of land donated in 1808 by Captain James Clark, one of the original settlers of Cayuga Creek Settlement, later to be known as Lancaster.  The first burial took place in March 1812, and a large marble pedestal with a spherical top commemorates the site.  Each pioneer family was expected to give two one-half days to care for the Centre Place as it was originally called.  

As more land was added to the burial grounds it became apparent that the care needed to keep the cemetery in good condition exceeded that of the volunteers.

In 1870 the Lancaster Rural Cemetery Association was formed to ensure the continued care and upkeep of the hallowed lands.  The Board of Directors of the Association continues to this day to oversee the use and maintenance of the cemetery.  

The cemetery is the final resting place for many of the original settlers of the area as well as veterans of our nation's wars, and the many families who gave us our Lancaster heritage.  The cemetery is also one of a few in the area privileged to be the resting place for many Revolutionary War veterans.  

The non-sectarian cemetery is competitively priced with other area cemeteries.  We offer traditional burials, two columbaria for cremated remains, and the beautiful Children of Love Memorial Garden for infants and children.

Lancaster Rural Cemetery  716-885-1600

Cemetery Prices, Rules & Regulations